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MonkeyMoos Daycare is a Nursery and PreSchool in Winklebury, Basingstoke offering spaces to children aged 0-5 years old.

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Woo it’s Friday!
Woo it’s Friday!

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What a great week, jam packed with fantastic activities and a exciting learning journey! This week we have had Brazil Independence Day 🇧🇷 where we learnt all about Brazilians and their beautiful country. Next we have National blackberry day! We explored the texture and taste of blackberries, they were yummy 🤤! We all got very messy! To end this amazing week we had emergency 🚨 services day! Where we said thank you to all our super emergency service people!!

🇧🇷Feliz Dia da Independência 🇧🇷

Today we have helped celebrate 🎉 national Independence Day for Brazil 🇧🇷

We have enjoyed many activities which have included size ordering ▪️◾️⬛️ using Brazilian flags 🇧🇷, this allowed them to develop their mathematical skills and problem solving to try and work out which one comes next, they were learning Portuguese words such as “Macio, lã, and borracha which means soft, wool 🧶and rubber.

This They’ve even had fun getting arty 🖍️with creating their very own abstract flag, talking about what colours the Brazilian flag 🇧🇷 includes such as Green 🟢 yellow 🟡 and blue 🔵 this helped with colour recognition and from that the children even identified shapes which are on the flag and made it into a game to hunt down the same shapes 🟩🔵.

A group of children wanted to look on the computer 🧑🏻‍💻 so we looked at a map 🗺️ of Brazil, the beaches which led us to talking about the children going to the air show at the weekend, the we looked at sandcastle and moved onto Disney princesses 👸🏼as the sandcastles looked like castles 🏰 that they live in.

The older children had had fun with a phonics activity, picking out which animals 🐙🐢🦥 they see, the sound it begins with and even done the actions of the animals.

Happy National blackberry day!

The children have enjoyed exploring different ways in using the blackberries.

They have splashed in the water 💧which was filled with blackberries, they used different size jugs to collect the juice and made yummy drinks 🥤 for everyone!

Some of the children played with blackberry playdough by pushing, squeezing and rolling the playdough to make blackberry cakes. 🎂 Whilst others made blackberries by blowing bubbles through a straw into paint 🎨 to create bubbles onto the paper.

For emergency service day. We have been 🥳 celebrating by making thank you cards too all our amazing emergency workers 🧑🏻‍🚒 whom work hard every day to keep us safe and healthy. We used glitter, feathers 🪶 and crayons 🖍 to make some beautiful art 🖼 work and will be sending them out to bloodbikers, paramedics and all those who keep us safe! This week the children have had an interest in the dear zoo books 📚 so Katie created a tuff tray for extend this. The children have been talking about what noises the animals 🐷make and reading the story. We then explored textures in the different environments within the tray.

Meanwhile the children have been making emergency 🚨 services uniform out of play dough! They used their hands 🙌 to roll the play dough out and then press and squeeze it into shape ▫️. Later the explored our emergency service vehicles 🚑. Dipping them in paint 🎨 before pushing them down the slide. Not only to see how fast 💨 or slow 🐌 they would go, but also the marks they make.

At MonkeyMoos daycare we offer quality affordable childcare to all families for children aged 0-5 years old. We have settings in Winklebury, Basingstoke in Caversham, Reading and Worthing, west Sussex. If you are looking for a Nursery or Preschool on Caversham, Basingstoke or Worthing then please feel free to contact us where our friendly management teams would be more than happy to offer you a virtual or site show around at your convenience.

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