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During 1st grade, children will then learn addition and subtraction facts, two-digit numbers, some adding and subtracting with two-digit numbers, and some basics of measuring, time and money. One extremely helpful manipulative to buy is a basic 100-bead abacus (10 racks, 10 beads in each). This is the prime “toy” to teach numbers beyond ten. With such an abacus children will naturally learn their “tens and ones”.

What do we offer at Winklebury, Basingstoke?

We are open 51 weeks weeks of the year, we have a variety of different sessions available from 7am-7pm. We offer both funded and non-funded sessions.

We are a 60 place nursery and have spaces for children between 3 months until they leave to go off to big school. We are a open plan nursery, we have one main room with a separate messy room, garden and also have a purpose built baby which is small, lovely and cosy. We also have two children’s toilets so we are able to support with toilet training we have nappy changing facilities along with children’s toilet and potties. The children can free flow throughout the building and garden throughout the day, giving the children independence to explore indoor and outdoor activities. The children will take part with adult and child led activities throughout the day as well as a variety of different group times. For the younger children we encourage small group activities for a short space of time to carry out singing or short stories, the older children will be encouraged to sit down for a phonics group time as well as activities to gain experience and knowledge to go off to big school.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide a happy, safe and inclusive environment in which children aged birth to five years old are encouraged to explore their potential!

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Jhon Copper

Our daughter attended RainTrees for 2.5 years, the hardest thing was leaving when it was time to move on to 'Big School'!. Kindori has such a lovely 'feel', it's friendly and welcoming.

Julia Angolie

My child loves learning, can think critically, and has an amazing educational base. Both kids are comfortable speaking in public and they have great memories with wonderful role models
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