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Personal Experience & Biography

Hi my name is Caitlin and I have been at monkeymoos for 10 months. I have worked in childcare for 9 years and have a range of experience, like being an au pair in Australia! This has given me a wealth of knowledge! You are most likely to find me in the garden, tending to our plants and guinea pigs! If you can’t find me here, you will find me having a snuggle with our MonkeyMoos!

I am currently completing my level 2 in understanding autism.

Likes: Friends, Disney, Musicals

Dislikes: Frogs and coconuts!

Teacher skill

Child Care Skills
Sociable With Everyone
Teaching Skills
Follow The Rules
Worthing Deputy Manager
  • Caitlin O’Reilly
  • 01903 899980
  • Angola House, Angola Road, Worthing. BN14 8DU
  • L3, Food hygiene L2, Fire Officer, DSL, Level 2 in Autism
  • Student, L3 practitioner, Room lead and Deputy Manager of MonkeyMoos for 10 months. Au pair in Australia