Happy Friday 😄


What a week we have had, started off with Panda day, we’ve celebrated St. Patrick’s day and had lots of laughter and giggles with Red Nose Day, let’s take a look at some of the activities we’ve been doing this week.

Today has been Panda day 🐼. We have enjoyed doing lots of different panda activities. We painted our own pandas, we made our own pandas using the black and white multi links and played in the shaving foam and added black paint to be the pandas spots.
We also enjoyed going for a walk to the park, we loved climbing the climbing frame and going down the slide. We also played in the garden, doing an obstacle course was so much fun.

Babies have enjoyed playing with the sensory board and musical instruments and being physical with the activity cube.

Today the Babies 👶 have been making connections between the movements and the marks they make🖌️. By using playdough cutters with paint 🎨. They explored the paint, and spoke about what shape the cutters were, They then explored the sensory bottles in the garden, using both hands 🙌 to shake them up and then watching the different colours move around the bottle and the different sounds each one made 🔈.

Whilst the toddlers have been exploring the different noises they can make using the musical instruments 🎺. They all took it in turns to bang or shake their instruments 🎤. Seeing who could make to loudest or quietest sound. 🎼. They also have been playing in the role play kitchen :cook:. Making ‘Ice creams’ for their friends.

Meanwhile the children in preschool have been looking at the story ‘Dear zoo’ 🦓 by exploring a zoo tuff tray full of animals and nature objects. They felt all the different textures such as spikey sticks and crunchy tissue paper. As well as practising the initial sound of their names and matching it to an animal🦒. They also observed our caterpillars 🐛 and are excited to watch them turn into butterflies🦋.

Happy Red 🔴 Nose Day!

We have had a great day doing lots of Red Nose 🔴 Day activities as well as exploring the colour red!🔺

The children enjoyed making silly 😝 faces using paint 🎨, colouring pencils ✏️ and tissue paper. They have also enjoyed the sunshine ☀️ by making Red Nose 🔴Day cookies 🍪 by pouring icing and adding a cherry 🍒 for the nose.

They also enjoyed exploring the red 🔴 sensory tray which had red rice, red blocks:bricks:, red cars 🚗, red balls 🏀 and red nose faces. They have also enjoyed dancing 💃 to super man, Hokey Cockey and cotton eyed Joe.

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